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Tramo contract

The Tramo Set-Up and Contract Division is dedicated to the development of complex “turnkey” projects for both private and public clients.

Our trained staff provides operational and logistical support on projects in a number of industries: Hospitality (hotels, residences), Commerce (shops, restaurants, shopping malls), Business (banks, offices, agencies) and Trade Fairs.

Our main partners are manufacturers of furniture and set-ups, architectural firms, designers and industry professionals.

Tramo ensures the optimal management of projects anywhere around the world, thanks to the skills of its project managers, who have international experience, and trained and specialised local staff.

Tramo network

We are present throughout Europe and on the main continental markets with a network of operating subsidiaries and loyal partners that share the same expertise. We work with highly-specialized teams, whose experience in the field is regularly enhanced through industry-specific training.