Advanced Logistics

Tramo is able to respond to every logistic need through different modes of operation.

Tramo’s offer applies both to the warehousing spaces and the remote management of customer warehouses.

As to warehousing, we provide the space and an integrated logistics services to manage the inventory of furniture and accessories, with regular reports in real time. A special software allowing to identify articles through radio-frequency allows to monitor that status of product at any time, whether in stock, reserved, in preparation, ready for shipment or delivered.

When it comes to remote management of customers’ warehouses, thanks to our IT-tools we are able to assist customers even remotely, by monitoring the goods in the warehouse with the same level of efficiency and safety.

In both cases, Tramo takes care of all the paperwork and of administrative procedures.

Tramo network

We are present throughout Europe and on the main continental markets with a network of operating subsidiaries and loyal partners that share the same expertise. We work with highly-specialized teams, whose experience in the field is regularly enhanced through industry-specific training.