Specialistic Sector

Specialistic Sector

Put your items in good hands
Tramo is a transport specialist in very important and sometimes critical areas of the shipping business.
High-quality bathrooms or kitchens which need to be transported and assembled with the utmost care well reflect this requirement.

Another example are bulky items which require suitable means of transport to reach their destination.
We are specialized in transporting and assembling complex luxury items that need extra protection such as hanging lamps.

specialistic sector
Crystals and Porcelain

Crystals and Porcelain

Tramo has a specific and long-standing specialisation in the management of crystal and porcelain articles. We are a trusted partner of the most esteemed European businesses in the industry and of thousands of high-end shops. We take care of brittle objects directly from the manufacturing site and deliver them throughout Italy and Europe, handling all the administrative paperwork and Intrastat crossings.

Another area of speciality for us are technological and electronic products. In addition to handling transportation and delivery process with great expertise, for some big companies we also set up display devices such as multi-screen walls.

Possibility of paying in cash on delivery

Continuous control of shipping through direct contact with dispatchers, drivers and receivers

Intrastat paperwork

Road transport

Manual handling by skilled personnel

Direct collection at the manufacturing site

Delivery by appointment

advanced logistic

Tramo network

We are present throughout Europe and on the main continental markets with a network of operating subsidiaries and loyal partners that share the same expertise. We work with highly-specialized teams, whose experience in the field is regularly enhanced through industry-specific training.