Tramo: our goal for 2023

After an extraordinary 2022 marked by very strong growth with record numbers in terms of volumes, deliveries and shipments all over the world, for 2023 we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of tapping new markets and offering new services that will boost our business in the transport and advanced logistics of high-end furniture, lighting and home accessories, integrating them into our development and expansion plan to guarantee further organic growth and the evolution of our business and of our high-end specialized commodity.

Growth, development, new services, new markets and plenty of technological and process-specific  innovation.

This is TRAMO,  this is our next goal for 2023!

Giovanni Di Maggio – Group CEO Tramogroup

Tramo network

We are present throughout Europe and on the main continental markets with a network of operating subsidiaries and loyal partners that share the same expertise. We work with highly-specialized teams, whose experience in the field is regularly enhanced through industry-specific training.