Third edition Stefano Moretti Memorial

Every year in September, Stefano Moretti Memorial is held, an annual event in memory of Stefano, an inspiring person who shared the values of this extraordinary sport. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Sanga Basket Milano, to Stefano’s Friends and to all those who shared their thoughts.

The third edition of the Memorial was staged on 22nd September 2023, organized by San Gabriele Basket together with Tramo Group, the company of which Stefano Moretti was Honorary President.

The event opened with the women’s under-14 Elite tournament, which saw Moncalieri, Bollate, Parma, and San Gabriele Basket compete. In addition, there was a demonstration of Baskin, a project to which Stefano Moretti had devoted enthusiasm and energy. In the afternoon, the Senior tournament began, with Repower Sanga Milano facing ambitious teams such as Moncalieri, Derthona and Baden 1954. This tournament also awarded the MVP prize in memory of Guerrino Pugnetti, a supporter, sponsor, and great friend of Sanga.

Franz Pinotti, founder of the Sanga world, said: “With Stefano we grew up together since the age of Liceo Scientifico Cremona, a youth passage that leaves its mark on everyone. So more than a friend, a brother. I have never liked the term ‘memorial’ that conveys nostalgia, sadness, and in fact on the T-Shirts I wanted to see the logo AMICI DI STEFANO (STEFANO’S FRIENDS) since the first year. But Memory yes, Memory is important. Human beings make disasters when they have no ‘memory’ of the past. Human beings are better when they remember their lives, the emotions experienced together, the projects thought up and carried out together, the difficulties overcome together. Making memory means defeating even death, in fact it means making eternal what we have experienced because no one will ever be able to take it away from us. And in this regard, we have envisaged the new Guerrino Pugnetti Award, to the MVP of the Senior Tournament. Another wonderful, generous, and skilled yet humble Man, like all beautiful people. What Stefano and Guerrino had in common was their great Passion and Love for their Sanga. We don’t forget that, we will never forget that because what we shared will never be taken away from us”.

Stefano Moretti Memorial continues to honor these extraordinary men and celebrate the passion and love for San Gabriele Basket.

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