New warehouse in Spain

Since September 2022, due to the increase in national traffic and logistic activities, we needed to extend our storage capacity by adding a new warehouse.

The new warehouse is located in Parets del Valles, about 5 km from our headquarters in Granollers,  and consists of two internally-connected warehouses built in 2013. The total surface area is 2200 sqm on a single floor, with a further 1000 sqm in the first floor that can be adapted to accommodate offices or warehouse if required.

The main activity in these new facilities consists in receiving and shipping goods from various European countries with which we have traffic flows  (such as Italy, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Lithuania, etc.). Since last December, we have also been receiving, checking, picking and shipping services for a major e-commerce company.

With the addition of this new warehouse, Tramo Es embraces the Group’s objectives by continuing to extend its surface and constantly improving the services provided to customers.

Tramo network

We are present throughout Europe and on the main continental markets with a network of operating subsidiaries and loyal partners that share the same expertise. We work with highly-specialized teams, whose experience in the field is regularly enhanced through industry-specific training.