Marangoni Institute and Cappellini in Paris

Marangoni Institute, established in 1935 by Guido Marangoni, a well-known tailor at that time, is one of the most important fashion, design and art school. It has branches in various cities all over the world, among them Milan and Florence in Italy, London and Paris, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China, Mumbai in India and Miami in the U.S. training about 4,000 students of 106 nationalities. It is internationally acknowledged for its outstanding education.

Recently Marangoni Institute in Paris has ordered top-quality Cappellini furnishings, 40 boxes with a total weight of 785 kg, Tramo has managed goods collection from the central warehouse and transported them to Tramo Hub in Paris.

Tramo team has then taken care of the on-site delivery at the 6th floor of the school positioning the furnishings according to the layout received and assembling 14 tables with cables and 42 chairs. The same team has also managed disposal of packaging materials.

This top-notch transport and assembly service provided by Tramo has allowed Marangoni Institute in Paris to have very prestigious Cappellini furnishings tailored to the needs of the school and of its students.

Tramo network

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