Design is our point of departure.

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Design is our point of departure.

Tramo@Home is a professional transportation company providing a full range of logistic services tailored specifically for the handling of fine furniture, antiques, and artwork.

Created in Switzerland in 1984, the name “Tramo” comes from the Italian for “furniture transportation” (trasporto mobili) and reflects our expertise:

  • Tramo is a specialized transportation company that serves exclusively the high end of the furniture industry.
  • Operating across Europe, Tramo is also the only freight forwarder dedicated to providing a door to door furniture-only service from Europe to North America.

The creation of Tramo@Home was designed in order to have full control of the final and most delicate part of the international furniture transportation process: the home delivery. 

At Tramo@Home, our mission is to provide our clients with the ultimate in customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality logistic services including world-wide shipping, pick-up & white glove delivery, expert packing, crating, warehousing and installation.

Our commitment to our customers is to create solutions to fulfill their logistic needs and facilitate every aspect of the delivery process from the initial planning stage through to successful installation.